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We Launched. Deal With It.

The Lit Scene Team November 1, 2012

Our mission here is to provide our readers with a look at books not covered so much by main stream media. Sure, we will touch on some authors we love that have tons of best-sellers, but what we really hope to do is inspire our readers to go out and seek the thousands of Indie authors that have yet to be discovered.


Literary Scene is dedicated to making reading cool again. Remember the Golden Age of writing? That’s what we are bringing back. Readings at bars followed by cool bands and some drinks, free writing sessions with some of your favorite authors, cool reviews by even cooler people, and inte​rviews from all across the country.


So, like us on Facebook, Tweet us, talk about us, talk to us and email us. We want to know what you’re reading, who you want to see more of and where you want to read.

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