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To The Lions by Chuck Driskell

This book was a great escape from the mundane. The setting was beautiful and the characters were really likeable for an action novel. Most of the time I find myself not caring too much about the characters but this novel really laid out all the information that humanized them and got me to care about them more than the usual espionage thriller.

I would love to give To the Lions “5 stars” but the first scene in which we meet the main character, Gage, his character is revealed and is just a bit too predictable for this reviewer's tastes. Almost too "Dirty Harry" like and I was very close to putting the book down then. It was a good thing I didn't because the story really picks up and flushes out, and throughout the book I found myself holding my breathe and wincing which is a solid indicator that the book is good for what I wanted it for and that is a believable escape from normal mundane typing at your desk and a jump into an action packed adventure. However, don’t think that this will be any sort of literary tour de force, because it’s not. While the dialogue and scenes are well written, there is nothing spectacular about the prose, but again, the book did accomplish what I expected it to and that was keep me entertained with scenes that are riddled with action.

I'll admit that the ending was predictable if you happen to watch or read espionage movies and books, but the ride is what took hold of me, and along the way you meet lively and interesting characters (I found myself drawn to the antagonist in a weird sort of way).

This is a great read for those needing a little action and escape from their lives. Don’t expect a novel that sticks with you, but do plan to be entertained for the duration of reading To the Lions.

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